Baby TV – Rated H for Horrifying

In between naps, bottles and trying to roll into the couch/TV stand/end table/dog/swing base, I occasionally turn on Baby TV to entertain the child and attempt to stave off an upcoming breakdown.  The bright colors and classical music are entertaining enough for his 5 month old brain – and distracting enough to run to the bathroom so I can live a life without joining the child in diapers.  God forbid I have 3 minutes of quiet time with my porcilin BFF in the morning.

But what seemed to be an innocent decision to allow him to stare blankly at characters teaching numbers and letters, let me be the first person to condemn nearly EVERYTHING on that network.

Where on earth is the FCC?  This is not only offensive, but HORRIFYING.

I’m dead serious – someone with a fancy government title needs to report this.

Have you seen what is being shown on TV?  Geared for KIDS you say?  Oh no no no no no no…

First up.  These things:

DEAR LORD.  This is going to give ME nightmares.  These mice live in the “Tick-Tock” house.  And like pushing things around, not wearing pants, and doing awful hand gestures trying to convey how terrible the vignettes are.

For the love of all that is holy – one is named TOOT.  That’s right, the writing geniuses of this creepy show thought a fart joke for 6 month-olds was appropriate.

Well its not.  It’s weird.

But not as weird as “TEC the Tractor”.  This thing will make you want to jab your eyes out.

Just look at him!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  It’s a tractor that just talks with his eyebrows!  What on earth!?

First of all, this talking tractor is just plain old stupid.  You are built to work on a farm, and you don’t know that chicken’s lay eggs?  And what on earth makes you scared of the dentist!?  Because the fork lift was getting tuned up?  Ugh, what a stupid tractor.

Also – I’ve never seen this creep-o do anything but drive around like my ex-roomates after Lodge Bar dollar beer night.  You are a instrument for hard labor.  For goodness sake – get to plowing or threshing or whatever you are required to do by your weird human owners/caregivers.

The point is – just put in The Little Mermaid or Lion King.  Your child’s brian development will be none the wiser – and that dream catcher your grandma sent to you for your 13th birthday while she was vacationing with her live in boyfriend in Santa Fe, New Mexico that is still hanging above your bed – will have one less nightmare consisting of lazy talking tractors attacking the clock homes of pants-less mice.

188 thoughts on “Baby TV – Rated H for Horrifying

  1. I couldn’t agree more! I was also astonished at the treatment of the animals on Tec the Tractor. I saw it today when I decided to let my 15 month old tune in. The farmers were actually shoving sheep in some sort of bathing pool, six at a time with a metal hook of some sort. I tuned out quickly to hopefully avoid my son (or I for that matter) having any nightmares!

    • Wow! Isn’t your son going to be the biggest wuss to ever live?! People are getting dumber by the minute.

      • Agreed, the author is a Jack ass. There soon will be the kid that gets there ass kicked.

    • Oh My goodness have you ever been to a farm? You sound very uneducated. Have you ever wrestled trying to giving a 2 year old a bath? It is about the same thing. Get real how touchy feely can you get. Stick to ladybugs and bunnies see how that works out in life.

    • Wow, great another kid I’m going to have to tell my kid to stop picking on at school…thanks for making my job as a parent more challenging. Instead of watching TV, go outside and see a few people that do real work for a living.

    • Wow, I tell you what. I was looking for something for my 1 year old nephew to watch and thought baby tv would be great. From the minute Tec got on the screen he was hooked. I just watched on in horror, thinking how these actors must be told to not speak when being filmed, and how the constant narrators voice is like a hook to kids. It’s also terrifying to me as an adult man. I keep trying to figure out how the damn tractor moves without a driver… if it’s even a real tractor. Maybe they push it? But it stops! So confused…

      • Really??? You never heard of RC before? That would be remote control for most of us sane folks. Its a children’s show its not supposed to make sense to us functional adults. Alot of the shows on this channel are entertaining and educational to small children. Tec… Ill just say entertaining. Also since this was filmed in Wales, you cant say too much on how the farms are managed (nothing wrong anyway) but other countries have different ways they manage their farms. Stop over analyzing these shows looking for something that’s not in your little box of “how things should be” You must be christian. My whole life they are the one ones I have never met a more prejudiced and bigoted bunch of folks. My daughters fav shows tend to be Larry, Harry and the one where they play peek a boo. Stop bashing on this little channel its good pure child geared educational programming.

        • I happen to be Christian and don’t agree with some of these opinions. But am shocked that you felt the need to pass judgment over an opinion of a kids show and assume that person is something when you have no idea and could likely be way off and the person could be atheist. In which case what does that make non believers and their opinions? Should they all be pigeon holed and classified as you say bigoted. I actually agreed with what you were saying up until your closed minded judgment on all Christians. You don’t have to be a believer in order to be respectful.

    • this is just my opinion if you guys can’t handle shows like that then don’t show to your kids then. I let my baby girl watch that and sees nothing wrong with that. we as parents have the right to choose what’s best for our children. But criticizing over a bunch of shows from a different country is a little over the line. Just remember that our shows back then we’re different than they are today.

      • Yea Joe, i agree with you! The shows have sure changed. I don’t understand though how some people find this show horrifying, a little creepy here and there but nothing to suggest anything disgusting.

    • You know i have to agree somewhat…my husband and i saw this show because our granddaughter loves it. We found a lot of the characters creepy but our granddaughter sees a whole different thing. What happened to the world of the Looney toons?…and Buggs bunny forget it, shes hooked on baby’s first!

      • You really want to know what happened to Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny? People like this thought it was too violent and kids shouldn’t watch it.

      • You really want to know what happened to Looney Tunes and Bugs Bunny? People like this thought it was too violent and kids shouldn’t watch it.

    • What about the dance time boys who act like little thugs with tails on the back of their heads crossing their arms and just yelling at other non gangsta kids to dance hip hop style. I turn that shit right off..


    • Ummmm, that is a dip bath to keep fleas and flies off the sheep. It’s done on all farms in the UK, where this takes place. As for the tractor being lazy, he helps work in the garden. Is based off a kids book. As for the mice, they aren’t that bad. I mean come on, don’t you let your kid watch Mickey Mouse?

    • Does TEC the Tractor really bother you that much? The animals are kind of mean to TEC though… The Sprout network is designed to be colorful, vibrant, classical music oriented, shape oriented, which all aid in the development of a baby’s brain. As you eluded to in your diatribe Mr. Author, your kid won’t remain quiet long enough so you take a piss… No doubt it is because he has zero stimulation! His baby brain is starved, and babies that cry frequently are bored or in dire need of stimulation, or, God forbid, hurt… which I seriously doubt is the case with your child. Quit being a overly judgmental pussy.

    • I thank God my father taught me how to play sports and to read instead of writing scathing reviews of children’s television networks… the time you spent organizing and writing this bit of nonsense, you could have tended to your crying child, who needs a father that isn’t more feminine than his mother. I bet your son cries as much as he does because he sees what kind of a man his father is and what he will indefinitely become.


    • I agree I don’t see anything wrong with Tec the tractor. He doesn’t know where chickens lays eggs? Maybe it teaches children where chickens lay eggs. IT A CHILDRENS SHOW! On the other hand I cand stand the tick tock whatever they are. Theres alot I would deleat from the channel. Tec is not one of them.

    • I agree, this channel is great. To the writer of this STUPID blog…………..grow up! you sound as immature at a 1 mo. old

      • true that this writer who wrote this just wants to ruin children dreams, i have a 2 year brother and he loves all the characters! the blogger is not a blogger it’s a stogger. it’s stupid blogger!!!! :(

    • all these baby first shows are creepy as shit and perverted some of them also. i dare you to go watch harry the bunny without being like, WHAT THE HELL?!

      • What’s wrong with Harry the Bunny? My daughter loves him, and most of the other shows on Baby First. I can’t stand the stupid mice, but she enjoys them. I don’t think her mind is being poisoned or perverted by watching that channel, and I prefer she see that channel over Disney (wanna talk about brainwashing? Disney’s amazing at that) anything.

        She has learned so much from watching Baby First. There are some shows on there that really suck (i.e. My Gym at Home, Squeek–the stupid mice–Tec the Tractor is pretty lame, I can’t stand Petey the Paintbrush, Sukey’s a little weird), but all in all, I’ve found it to be very educational. I’m a busy single mom who has to do chores every day and whatnot, can’t be around my 2-year-old all the time. Baby First is a go-to for me over the rest of the baby channels.

  3. The Baby Channel: also known as the Acid Trip channel. For when your child is too young to know that the happy-go-lucky, brightly colored, moving bits and bobs are really the product of a tripped out mind.

  4. Yah it seems you should grow up and get a job, the fact you put your kid in front of the tv so you can put off a blow out means your probably 12. Real men raise their children, I bet you think when you are with your kid your babysitting. The shows are meant to stimulate minds and introduce children to a variety of new things, to bad the only thing your kids sees is you on the couch with a beer and can’t be bothered to turn off your Xbox long enough to be a real dad.

    • you’re = you are. You’re going to the store.
      your = possessive. Your toys. Your stupid comments.

      • Oh my god thank you. Your english saved me from having to do it myself. How is it so hard to correctly use words? The ignorance coming out of peoples mouths is why they turn to educational television in the first place.

    • How can you have cable TV and your X-Box on at the same time? Unless you have two TV’s in your living room. Are you sure you are on the right message board, by the way? I thought this board was for real-live parents, who face the reality of having a child and having to step away for a few minutes. There really is no harm in that, and your child will not be damaged forever.

      • The new xbox one has a tv cable tuner on it. So yeah, he could have both on. just saying.

  5. Obviously u are being extremely childish. These are shows to catch kids attention. Ur worried about the mice not wearing pants. Well duh animals don’t wear clothes at all it’s just to add color to make the children look. It’s a “baby” channel not an adult channel. And tec the tractor. That is my sons favorite show. He loves seeing the animals! It’s not cruel to animals not of that is inhumane at all. Ever been to a farm that’s how they take care of the animals. The bath wasn’t to hurt them. They were putting them in te bathing pool so the flys didn’t bite them. U people who think this isn’t for children need to grow up. U mentioned putting in the little mermaid. Well there is sexual innuendo in that movie too. Let the kids enjoy shows that have repetition because thats how they learn. If u don’t like it don’t watch it.

    • Please calm down Lauren… Obviously, this post is to humor people. Calm down take a deep breath, and enjoy it for what it is worth.

      • Thank you finally! Everyone is so uptight and defensive over a television station. RELAX! it’s funny and I would hope every parent would have at least made a comment to your SO about some show on this station. If not you need to find your sense of humor….. and maybe a night away from the kiddos………. P.s. I <3 Baby First TV

    • I agree, thank you!! My son LOVES Tec the Tractor AND Squeak. Those are two of his favorite segments on BabyFirst TV. I even like Tec the Tractor. I look forward to it coming on so my son and I can watch it together. It’s a harmless, innocent story for kids to watch. And, you’re right, Lauren…’s a kids channel meant for the stimulation of Kids minds, not us. And, not to mention, him talking about mice not wearing pants! Seriously? He Does need to grow up. A LOT of kids shows have half-dressed animals running about. At least these shows aren’t violent, like the little Mermaid can be in some scenes, and they can learn so many things while they’re being entertained. What more could you ask for in children’s programming?

      • I agree. Kids don’t think like adults and they don’t apply innuendo and thing more into things like you are. I put a sweater on my dog but I don’t put pants on my dog is that weird for me? hardly. Maybe if more kids were watching simple programs rather than half the crap most parents are letting their kids watch they would not be so messed up. Don’t let you kids grow up too fast. Kids think like kids not adults and good parents realize that. I agree with you Lauren and Tonya. We love Tec too. He is a character in a kids show learning about life on a farm. Maybe the people complaining needed more programs like that when they were younger because they apparently missed a memo on childhood development.

  6. I think your blog is hilarious! It discusses the things every parent goes through but nobody talks about. Ignore the naysayers who apparently have far too much time on their hands and feel very poorly about their own family situations. I look forward to reading what comes next!! P.S. “The Wiggles” is also terrifying….

  7. I think you all are taking this blog a little too seriously! You all should be ashamed to post such horrible things about a man you know nothing about! How do you know that he doesn’t have a full time job, or that he sits on the couch with a beer in his hand. And how do you know that he is not raising his child? I think this blog is funny.

  8. I was curious about where this show was filmed since it appeared to be from England or in this case Wales.

    I have early AM babysitting duties two days a week with my now 11 month old grand daughter who is fascinated with the show. Clever premise and quite low keyed so it is perfect for young kids.

    Now I read the blog and sometimes you make a hit and other times an error – this happens to be an E-Blogger.

  9. The worst it Tilly Knock Knock! That stupid duck lets her freinds come over and then wanders around for ten minutes while they knock at the door looking under the rug and behind the couch to find the source of the sound.

    ANSWER THE @#$^#$%& DOOR TILLY!!!!

    It’s cool to teach our kids about the noises animals make, but what does that show say about being a rude POS to the people that come to visit you?

    Funny blog by the way, all the people above that are calling you an unfit father don’t get it, gotta have some humor in the world people. If YOU don’t like what is written here, go away!

      • Wow some people! Maybe had not slept enough to get humor. I didn’t sleep much for the first year. You guys are taking all this way too seriously. Being a parent is hard enough you better start laughing or you’ll be in real trouble. I would suggest a couple of books for the easily offended. “Go the F*** to Sleep” and “Toddlers Are A**holes and it’s Not Your Fault.”

    • I came across this after typing “is sukey molloy on drugs?” She’s tbe weird red head that does Sukeys corner and does interpretive dance in full spandex. The Tilly observation is hilarious. Also, she says sometimes he plays jokes on her friends. Have you ever seen her do anything but not answer the door for 10 minutes and then say goodbye? Haha. Baby channel is so messed up. I laugh every time we put it on.

  10. To agree with the comment above about the animal treatment on that creepy “Tec the Tractor”, i saw one where he was learning about baby sheep and where they come from and one of the sheep it showed still had its afterbirth flopping around out of its Hoo-Ha and Tec was stressing it out driving around the pen. Then they put much older lambs that were clearly not in with the sheep and it seriously gave a “Get me the fuck out” look.

  11. I am rolling at Josh’s comment, I hate Tilly and often say exactly what you said to my husband lol. There are a couple of shows that I can’t stand, Baby DIY is one of them. No I will not be saving meat trays for my kid to play with, gross. But we love Tec and it’s great for kids to see how a farm actually looks verses a petting zoo. Harry the Bunny and Vocabulary have been my little’s favorites since he first noticed tv and we realized we had to find appropriate programming. It’s way better than Spongebob and Sesame Street.

  12. Awww. It’s to bad I don’t agree with you about baby first tv. I tried to like your article by at least reading it from start to finish. But hey to each their own. I on the other hand love the channel. Yes it’s meant for babies and toddlers. I get bored watching it and change it when my kid isn’t watching. I do however interact with the shows that’s she’s watching. I’ll point out the shapes and colors. It’s boring for me but she is learning about animals and she recognizes the music that’s playing in the background. What’s wrong with that?

  13. This blog is supposed to be humorous, and it is. The funny thing is that many commenters find Tec to be “weird” or depicting odd things. Well, first off…it’s a Welsh-produced show, not American or even English. Wales is a different place, and a farm is different place as well, whether the farm is in Wales or in Iowa. So, the strangeness stems from that, not from the content. I grew up in Iowa and spent 6 months in Wales, so Tec isn’t really that weird to me. My kids like it, so that is good enough.

    The blog is funny, so keep it up. The fact that you take the time to chronicle you fatherhood means you are probably a great dad-it shows you care.

  14. I never leave comments on things like this, but I couldn’t help myself. First of all, the entire network irritates the heck out of me, however as an “ADULT” I’m able to make the realization that the programing isn’t supposed stimulate my mind, but in the case of my 11 month old daughter… yes! It works very well – so I make the sacrifice for her sake. After all, isn’t that what parents do.

    And btw, I don’t understand why some people are so quick to judge others simply on the basis of one comment… Unless you know someone personally – why would you jump to the conclusion that if a man is home with his child during the day, that he doesn’t work.

    P.S. “Tec” lulls my kid to sleep like a pill. Go Tec!
    Where can I get a t-shirt and bumper sticker? Ha ha.

  15. You are ridicules….. we love Tec or at least my son does…..children are innocent and don’t think like adults do….RELAX

    • Ridiculous……..good thing the channel teaches kids things, because having parents that have the grammatical ability of a tractor definitely isn’t going to help much.

  16. HA thanks for the laughs. We put the channel on from time to time, and my husband and I TRYYYY not to go overboard with complaining about the things that irk us so miserable. Baby DIY… I…. just… can’t… deal. And Tilly. Oof my thoughts exactly. ANSWER THE DOOR!!!!!!! You’re lucky your friends stick around! My husband does have a special place in his heart for Tec, I will say. He’s usually complaining that it’s never the beach episode. As for me, I think VocabuLARRY is cute as a button. What with his little wings that manage to carry his plumpness around.

    • Yes tilly knock, knock,knock, knock, knock! Answer the damn door already the worst is Bonnie the Bear. Omg the most irritating thing have ever seen. It’s funny you do start to become much more tolerant of the irritating but Bonnie Bear forget it.

      • Bonnie bear is just the worst, except for that incompetent jerk Toot. I think they are the same person – uh no offense if you are googling your uh creations.

      • Lol Tilly. Tilly shouldn’t answer the door Tilly should go get a parent to answer the door for her because she OBVIOUSLY doesn’t know who is outside. And it could be anyone and we all know she has no friends.

  17. Wow, this article was frustrating . These shows are rich of vocabularies and very educative . They’re made to stimulate kids minds and this is how kids learn. The shows in this network are not scary for kids to watch , I don’t know where the nightmares are coming from. I think the writer needs to do more research and get more information before writing this kind of article . Exposure it is very important , without it you’re not going to know how to socialize .

  18. Great article, right on! These idiot commentators apparently don’t get that you are joking around. Also, I grew up on a farm and shoving sheep into a trailer six at a time is in no way animal cruelty. Wow, you guys are telling HIM to get a job yet you are wasting your time on here with mindless and unfounded criticisms? Congratulations. Also, I think you would get a clue to the theme of the blog when it is entitled “FATHER KNOWS LEAST.”

  19. My son loves Tec the Tractor! I love Tec and we watch it together. I actually think baby’s first channel is a lot better than some other children’s shows and channels. The channel isn’t full of commercials blasting advertisements at kids. The segments are short and excellent for help hone in on what they already leaning every day via parents, and caretakers! We watch it together and I make comments based on what we are watching. The tic toc mice used to bug me but I don’t think they are that bad now. There is nothing wrong with a little educational TV for a toddler, in moderation!

  20. My 9 month old son LOVES these two shows! They are calming and he will smile at the tv whenever Squeak comes on, I can think of several different channels that offer more frightening programs that are worse than these two!

  21. I figured it was only a matter of time before the grammar nazis would get a hold of this blog. It’s no wonder our country does so poorly with education. Sad state, I tell you. Perhaps more of you should pay attention to the show; you may actually learn something.

  22. LoL… well my baby loves to watch “Squeak” but I found your message funny! that’s actually what we as parents think ahaha..
    Now the worse in my opinion is Shushybye ( my baby loves it too) but I can’t stand the horrible purple personage and the green one ( the green one have no eyes just purple bangs covering hes /her green face) but the worse in the show is Michael North ( the black guy that keep singing the songs) why?!?! because he have nooooo talent with kids at all plus his little dance is so ridiculous that it’s actually husband imitates him so well…my daughter loves watching both!

  23. Hey “Dr” the world would be much happier if you jumped off the Empire State Building. You’re a waste if our air and space. You shouldn’t be able to reproduce you’re so stupid. Y’all kiddies need to calm down. Oh and the “yoor 12 prully lul” comments do nothing for you. It’s a creepy cartoon, it’s a creepy cartoon, this was funny. Get over yourselves you worthless pieces of crap. KThxBai.

    Oh, and OP, YOU’RE funny and I laughed at this. Thanks for the fun. ^.^

  24. Wow, I can’t believe everyone is being so mean to each other. Makes me sad. Y’all don’t even know each other!!

  25. These comments are almost more funny than the post.
    I get the most annoyed at the notekins now that Bobby’s balloon house isn’t on anymore. (Who thought it was a good idea to let that creep near kids btw?)

    “Baby First TV. The only place we teach our children that if you come across a sleeping lion or bear, play LOUD music and wake that bastard up!” Seriously.

    And baby diy. Ugh. And Tilly! “my friends come over and play but when someone knocks on the door I’m going to look under the couch”

    As parents we go through and deal with a LOT of bull to keep our children entertained and learning. Just because these shows have great educational value doesn’t mean I can’t do the same thing OP did and bitch about the idiocy later while the gremlins are asleep.

  26. My husband and I are rolling on the floor right now reading this!!!
    He thinks Tilly is rude and I think the Shushybye people are creepers. Why is it even on in the mornings? The worst is Musti’s friend Mr. Rabbit though—he’s just a straight up dick.

  27. Do love Tec but omg Tilly!!! I’d never go over there. So happy not to see the balloon guy, that felt awkward. ShushyBye…yes, why is it on during the day? And at night, why are the stories not calm-the-baby ones? I don’t know why the man in that doesn’t just sing without the mike. But my grandson loves these so who am I to say?

  28. Hilarious! I’m writing this post as my 6 mo old screams out of excitement watching Tec. I want to scratch my eyeballs out. But I’ll do anything for 15 of RNR…For all those dunces that believe plopping your kid in front of a tv for 15 min is a crime….you’re one of two things. Either you’re a stressed out paranoid annoying parent who must steam boil every passie that hits the ground, or you’ve never been a parent. And if you’re the former, your kid is going to be more screwed up than you. So whatever brain damage your lo may sustain by watching TEC, is far outweighed by your psychotic tendencies.

  29. Hey, you speak English and don’t know that apostrophes are only used for possessives, so give Tec a break.
    Also, you do realize you are criticizing the merits of shows intended for young children, right? I doubt your son, or any other kid for that matter, understands the subtle things adults pick up in these shows. Tec doesn’t know that chickens lay eggs because maybe the kids watching the show don’t either. The kids learn along. That is the point of the shows!
    Oh and by the way, if you intended this to be humorous, you failed. You just came off as unintelligent and ridiculous.

  30. Hi. I just read the article. Thought it was so funny. People have the right to voice their opinion. I just can’t believe that you need to be an ass about it and put this father down. I agree 100% on his article. I can not stand a lot of the show. My 14 month granddaughter loves it. So I suffer. I hate the mice. The TOOT I CAN NOT STAND. She is very self centered, always has to be her way. I also don’t like the episode that stated that it was not right to be alone. TOOT and to have some one to play with. So it is nice to have friends yes but it is also fine to be alone and play. That is how people learn to be self reliable. There ate many shows on the channel I can not stand, mind you this is on about 18 hours of the day. The 3 Tick rock mice, Tec, Tilly, Shhhy by, DIY, Sukey Circle and the mime guy. CAN NOT STAND. LOVE Harry the bunny, Larry,Peek a boo, Mee Meow, Sand Man, Little Vinny, Clay Man, The night time music. Okay my spelling is off on some of the words but that is not the point. I have a life and don’t sit around eating Bon Bon’s. I am a grandmother and raised 3 kids as well as worked. I like some of the stuff on that chanel and love the fact that the father had the GUTS to say what a lot of us think. Amen to you.

  31. This article is hilarious.. baby first has maybe 2 decent shows, but other than that it is straight up creepy. The mouse show makes me want to throw things, and the channel is changed almost instantly when it comes on.
    Tec legitimately frightens me.

  32. Growing up on a working farm, I was refreshed to see how close this show was to reality. What children’s programming is realistic? The Lion King? The Little Mermaid? I can understand how it can be a little horrifying for adults, but luckily it’s geared towards children. I LOVED Mister Roger’s and still do, but you can’t tell me that if you watch him as an adult, he’s not just a little creepy. You want to talk about nightmares? Remember the creations of Sid & Marty Krofft?

  33. Soooooo true. I was first creeped out by the notekins- then my husband non chalauntly said “those mice are weird- their eyes look dull and lifeless- think it scares caius?” Caius just stared into the screen loving every song and diddy. Smh. Thanks for posting ur honesty! We feel the same!

  34. Mr Rabbit is a straight up Dick. Now THAT’S funny. We’ll played, person.

    I should add that I actually stumbled across this because I was looking for TEC show times; my kid (yeah I said kid) hates it but I love it. Can’t stand Tilly though; total bitch

  35. Hm… as an adult I completely agree about how strage these shows are. And I prayed that my daughter wouldnt be interested in the Squeaks, but she is. However, I need to keep in mind…these shows are designed for little kids not adults. So the entire review from your perspective is obsolete.

  36. Hahaha! Squeak is on right now. I use to dislike this show, but it’s actually not bad. I can’t stand Tilly… I would have already walked into her house, she’d be looking under the rug or some shit, Haha! I was super creeped out by Tec the first time I saw it, but I love it now, I wish I lived on that farm. Hands down, Mio and Mao is the best show, well besides Sandman.
    The only time Baby DIY is on, it’s the same one about the mobile. Yeah, because I want to hang a pants hanger with shower rings and used pacifiers on my baby’s stroller.. ghetto!
    Agreed on BabyFirst being better than Cartoon Network for smaller children.. also better than that puta Dora. Haha!

  37. Hahahahahaha this article was great. As a stay at home dad I always try to find new ways to entertain my little one. One day I stumbled upon babyfirst tv.
    The wifey says all the time, “I love you and hate you for finding this channel!” And that’s exactly how I feel about it too.
    Some of these shows are great for my little one and he loves them, like vocabuLARRY, Mia & Mao (cheap Gumby ripoff) and Fiona and Fred…..but some of these shows are downright disturbing…..
    The Squeaks is one of them, the little one might not be traumatized by them but I get totally creeped out by their beedey “dead inside” eyes. They are very creepy.
    Tec the tractor is one of those shows that just drives me crazy. The thing that irks me more than anything about that show is the way the humans on the farm don’t move their mouths at all. They just nod and move their eyebrows.
    The worst shows on this channel though are “My Gym At Home” where the hosts, who are wannabe “Blues Clues” hosts, show you exercises that are not mentally or physically stimulating even for the youngest child.
    And finally “Shusy bye”. Oh My God!!!! The characters are one thing, but the main guy, Michael North, who sings and dances with all the characters is the most annoying and un-talented person to ever grace this earth. I wish I could meet him in person just to tell him so and maybe punch him in the face!!!! I mean come on, Yoko Ono is more talented than him and even has a better voice.
    Anyway, keep up the funny blog and good luck raising the little ones.

  38. OK. I have to chime in on this. I don’t have a kid.
    However, I DID catch an episode of this when over at a friends, and I must say, I agree with the original author 100%.
    There was an episode where a bunch of things got wrapped in plastic.
    Tec’s friend, “Lenny” I believe the name was, (he was a green tractor), wrapped himself up in plastic as well. THAT KILLS YOU.

    Let me re-state: I sat there and watched as one of the little trains on there

  39. This is great. I am glad to see posts about Tilly. That duck creeps me ouy everytime she stares at the screen. The new movie with her in it made her cute instead of the horrible blank stare. Anyone notice the sex change petey the paintbrush has?

  40. The original post was funny….but the comments much funnier. As a kindergarten teacher, I am able to see the teaching points in most episodes. But I have to agree with commentators: Tilly and Shushybye are awful. The characters in Shushybye are retro, but they have MP3 players? So bizarre. Tec has grown on me. My teenagers, my hubby and I all joke about the theme songs getting stuck in our heads: Mio & Mao, VocabuLarry, and Squeak….Squeak happens to be my sons favorite right now, he calls it “night-night” because it comes on right before bed. Long story short, good post.

  41. You have no idea what your talking about. First of all a five to ten month year old has no idea what a fart is or even the fact that not wearing pants is indecent let alone wearing pants at all is appropriate. They don’t know what pants are. And they’re mice for gods sake mice don’t wear pants in real life. If you want to see a mouse wear pants watch Stuart Little.

  42. I thought the original blog was funny. As well as some of the others’ comments. As for all of the negative people’s comments…that’s no way to be, do you teach your children to be, talk or act that way? Shameful.
    We let our 9 mo old son watch BFTv for a little while each weekday morning, when taking care of house chores during the week–when our oldest three are in school during the week is just about the only time I can catch up on a few loads of laundry and run the vacuum around the house.

    Our son absolutely LOVES ‘Mio Mao’, he stops everything he’s doing when he hears the theme song come on and watches it intently.
    He enjoys some of the other shows as well. The bright colors, movement and music/sounds catch and keep his attention.

    We as parents, however, do find a few of the characters to be weird or strange…the Baby DIY lady annoys us (my husband & me), the Tick Tock mice get on our nerves and Tec the Tractor is weird (along with his human counterparts). But as long as our son enjoys it, then we’re fine with it.

    I hope that all of you negative and hateful people aren’t teaching your children to behave as badly and to be as hateful as you are.

  43. You guys are hilarious. Agree with most comments. Have one to add: Bonnie Bear has some of the most specific sounds you could imagine. There are times I don’t even know what to guess, & I’m sure my daughter thinks I’m a dumbass when I guess “rain” and it’s “wind”.

  44. Let me re-state from my above post:
    I sat there and watched as one of the little trains on there

  45. Hahahahahaha this made me laugh!! Especially the part about the dream catcher! I actually enjoy Tec the Tractor! What I find stranger is ‘Play, Move, and Sing’ with Sookey Molly!! Her tights are gross and the interpretive dance is annoying!

  46. Ok I agree with the mice. They are just plain creepy. But tec??? C’mon. It teaches counting and feelings and other things (depending on what episode it is.) just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Give me a break

  47. Also for those of you saying bad things about Michael North….Google him sometime. He is a gospel singer. Look up the song “one breath” on YouTube and tell me he sucks…

  48. What moronic immature parent would publish such a stupid opinion. Its for kids douchebag….called imagination. Flush your head down your very important toilet…what a clown. Oh and those crazy humans you refer to are farmers. Ever heard of hard work you pussy.

  49. Obviously u are being extremely childish. These are shows to catch kids attention. Ur worried about the mice not wearing pants. Well duh animals don’t wear clothes at all it’s just to add color to make the children look. It’s a “baby” channel not an adult channel. And tec the tractor. That is my kids favorite show. They loves seeing the animals! It’s not cruel to animals not of that is inhumane at all. Ever been to a farm that’s how they take care of the animals. The bath wasn’t to hurt them. They were putting them in te bathing pool so the flys didn’t bite them. U people who think this isn’t for children need to grow up. U mentioned putting in the little mermaid and the lion king…Well there is sexual innuendo in both movie. Lion king starts with a murder then at one point sex is spelled in the dust after symba lays down. The little mermaid had a dick drawn on the cover of the DVD and then at the end of the movie the priest that is trying to marry the price has a rock hard penis moving up and down… So go Disney the devils work…Let the kids enjoy shows that have repetition because thats how they learn. If u don’t like it don’t watch it.

  50. That “Friendly Jack” show is the absolute WORST! I can deal with almost all the other shows on BabyFirstTV, but that one is a show I can’t watch. Why would a man act out brushing his teeth without a toothbrush? He also layered on about 20 outfits on another episode. Why, Jack, WHY?!

  51. We live on a farm and my son Loves Tec….he does not care for T.V but if Tec is on eyes are glued to the show. He has been talking about the dentist and teeth from an episode. Loves to yell out the animals when they appear. I rather my son learn about animals and trips to he doctors from his favorite toy, “Big Red Tactor” Plus a mermaid last I check is a made up creature, who by the way disobeys her father while getting what she wants. How is that teaching are children right from wrong?

  52. This article is hysterical! I am so glad my daughter is 10 and this wasnt around when she was little! I design cards and one of my best sellers is baby 1st. Every time a client requests a character I need to research it….cute but weird!

  53. Get the hell outtta here with that shit if you don’t like it don’t watch it! Instead of the child watching TV all day how about reading,listening to classical music,going on walks or having the child play? I think these shows are better for a child then spongebob now that show makes no sense!

  54. I watch Baby First TV with my 14-month old daughter almost every day, and I finally decided to Google whether or not the Shushybyes were actually people in costumes, and I came across this blog. For the most part, this conversation is very funny, so thank you for the laugh! OK, does anyone know the answer about the Shushybyes? At first I thought they were okay, but I soon felt a bit creeped out by their look, and the weird movements they make. Are there people in there? I really don’t like the Tic Toc House, and those segments seem to go on forever. My daughter’s favorite bits are Mia Mao (and I can never get that song out of my head) and Harry the Bunny. Both of those are cute. I also kind of like the Notekins, because it’s so colorful, but my husband hates it, because the story is always exactly the same. Anyways, I’ll come back to see what people are saying about Baby First!

  55. Tillie knock knock is nothing but a crack head whore! Having “friends” over everyday!!A Damn prostitue!she has friends over every day and still doesn’t know to answer the door!!! Answer the door¡!!!!!!!!!

  56. Wow, I thought the quote from a movie at the top was funny at first, then I realized this is probably this “dad’s” mentality. First, why the hell are you looking at the mice’s lower half? You’re worried about them having pants? You do realize animals don’t wear pants in real life right? Scratch that, I don’t need to ask after the comment about the “animal cruelty” comment. You do realize that they kill the meat we eat in slaughterhouses all over the world, right? You know what, scratch that question, because you are obviously a friggin’ idiot that can’t even spell “porcelain”. If you got time to make a blog regarding your retarded opinion, then you got time to look up the fucking word “porcelain” on that same computer. It is possible that you might have learned how to spell if you watched VocabuLarry with your child. It never ceases to amaze me when the bottom of the barrel of our species procreates. I’m surprised you actually managed to knock up a female with your pansy-ass attitude towards anything. You probably have a bigger vagina than your other half. Oh, and the name “Toot” should be the least of your worries (btw, only the first letter of the name is capitalized, something learned in Kindergarten) since kids shit, piss, vomit, and fart everywhere. But, since you are obviously have your backwards thinking perverted mind in the gutter I will explain that the trains that come out of tick-tock clocks make a “toot-toot” noise. I agree that you should probably stop watching this show, as it is waaaaaaaaaaay above your comprehension. Only disadvantage to this is that your child will probably grow up learning from you spelling “porcelain” as “porcilin” and blushing at the age of 40 when someone says “toot”. PLEASE DON’T REPRODUCE ANYMORE!!!! I rate this blogger D for dumbass.

  57. I understand the value of the different segments for babies and children, and I am an advocate for the channel in general but there are some that make me cringe and want to scratch my eyes out. Tilly, Sookey’s circle, shushybye, baby diy and the ever repetitive Peep top that list.

    And I agree that those negative and aggressive comments toward the author of this blog are completely unnecessary and pretty ridiculous. Name calling? How old are we again? What kind of example do you set for your own children? Some of these comments make me fear for my child possibly going to school with your offspring.

  58. Sukeys circle pisses me she’s a grown woman that dresses that way. And she gives me a weird feeling. I think she wants some negative attention how she spreads those legs wide open My God its a children show


  60. Sukeys Circle is the worst. I’m not sure if she’s aware she has sweat stains in the armpits of her disgustingly skin tight body suit. Then she sings” Tick tock, I’ve got a little clock” standing next to an 8 foot clock. I’m not sure she knows she’s much more intelligent than the children she’s confusing. Anyway, the OP article was hilarious. My 19 month old enjoys most all the programs except Story Time on the 3 Mice in the tick tock house and Playdates.

  61. Tillie knock knock is crazy! She waste so much time saying whose there; then answers the door they come in and she tells them thanks for coming over as soon as they come in!! I’ve never seen Tillie play.

  62. Haha this blog is cracking me up. My tv is always on baby first. My 2 and 1 year old love it. Most of the shows I’m like

  63. I used to think Squeak was freaky, but my son loved it. And in the end it’s all about what amuses him and makes him happy. And in my opinion nothing was more strange and freaky as The Teletubbies.

  64. Sukeys circle is ridiculous!!! That ratchet whore always has her legs in the air!! Go do a porn whore

  65. My favorite Tec episode is the one where Tommy the Trailer won’t carry the babies and says in protest “they might go wee wee on me!” Good times, good times.

  66. I laughed at the original article and more at the comments. My son loves all these and all the other kids watch them to please the baby. Seriously some of you are really uptight. These shows are mind numbing as an adult. If you don’t occasionally walk by and say “come the f on what the hell was that” then you might want to invest in Valium. No one in their right mind can watch the shows and not see the crazy things going on. I laughed out loud over the comment about Tec wrapping things in plastic. What the hell does it teach? If my son grows up and is into erotic asphyxiation I will know who to blame.

  67. These comments… Wow. People respond really strongly when you joke about anything related to kids… I’m concerned that some of these people care for children.. Yikes.

    Super funny blog.

  68. If you other parents out there reading this have seen an old show called “teletubbies” on pbs that was made for kids then there are lots of reasons for people to create things like what the creator of this blog is writing about. By the way, I am guessing in a few more years or so, the show some people want down will go the same way the teletubbies did.

  69. I am cracking up reading all this! My husband and I laugh at some of the baby first shows but our son loves them so we deal with it! I appreciate this Dad’s humerous take on raising a child. And people should layoff the stay at home dad- my husband has stated at home with our son bc we decided that is what is best for him. Better to us than some day care with people we don’t know and don’t trust! To each is own people – it’s not 1960. Gender roles have evolved. And lighten up you guys :-) We are adults and it’s funny to find humor in our kids shows. The baby first channel has some good shows and some bad ones, but I personally enjoy laughing with my husband about what an annoying whiny selfish bitch toot is while my baby smiles and enjoys the show! We always say that shushy bye and tick tock house would be insane on acid lol :-) we find ourselves laughing and that’s the most important thing! He’s happy and we are happy. And yes Tec those creepy eyebrows need waxed lol! It’s all in good fun people! Be thankful our kids are occupied by these shows. And those of you that don’t EVER sit your kid in front of the tv and think that makes you a better parent than us thar do are just not right! Mama needs time too!

  70. This is not good as a real critique or good as being a humorous article. Somewhere in between real critique/humor but yet not even close to either.

  71. To every single idiotic human being who wrote a line in here, shall Michel North fuck you all in your stupid lowlife redneck ass and then dance. It’s time for all you simple minds to learn how to live in the real world.

  72. Wow. You people are crazy. The shows are not for us to analyze and pick apart, they’re for our children’s entertainment and learning. There’s always something wrong with every kid show out there. Are you going to bitch about them all? Kids aren’t being traumatized by what you think they should be. My son watches and loves it. He will continue to watch it until he’s too old for it.

    • I agree. Of course some of the shows can get on your nerves, isn’t that the case with shows that other family members watch? Or perhaps, they don’t like one of our own favorites…
      I’m just glad that I can find something “age appropriate” for my grandson. Baby First has a good variety of shows for the little ones.

  73. As a girl who watched Baby First TV as a baby, I can honestly say, I didn’t pay attention to a thing they were doing of saying. I focused on the neat colors and music, because I don’t think an average baby (of around five or so months) could really concentrate on everything they say/do. It never gave me nightmares. In fact, it was rather calming, especially the nightly programming.
    I just want you to know that, even if it was a terrifying channel, I say you let you child watch it at least once. If they have a nightmare that night, then fine. If they don’t, keep letting them watch it. When they start having nightmares, then don’t let them watch it.
    Grow up, you pansy. Ha, a thirteen-year-old is braver than you! Good bye, madame.

  74. I’m sick and tired of this fucking shit!!!! The same damn shows and episodes EVERYDAY!!!!! WHEN WILL IT STOP!?!? and all these whores; Suki circle my gym at home!! How many times must they spread their legs!?!

  75. I typed in ” I hate Shushybye Baby ” on google search and I just finished laughing over your rant. You forgot the terrible sand drawings and that damnable Tilly Knock Knock. Sukey Malloy?! That poor crazy woman! If your cable provider has Baby TV available, it’s a much better channel and if not there’s always PBS. Watching that Micheal North puts me in a rage. Just thinking about him, his horrible dancing and those stupid, stupid Shushybye creatures and their ridiculous gesturing… Why the hell is this show on at 10 am?! Baby First TV has the worst programming I’ve seen for kids. I have to add that Dance Time Boys is pretty great though. Sprout is a good channel in the morning just because of Chica and The Sunny Side Up Show. I do feel a lot better now that I’ve vented but I also feel worse because I just realized that I have the TV on way too much. Anyway, thanks!

  76. Everyone is making a big deal about little stupid crap . . This channel teaches children the right things . . Unlike sponage bob which was found to make children actually stupid . . Or any other Disney channel . . Those shows and movies are actually perverted because they no parents are watching so they try to slip stuff in there that only parents will catch to keep us from being so board . . But children don’t catch on to things like that . . At least I never did when I was little . . Its the big things like the music and the colors . . Instruments . .sharing animals and all kinds of other stuff . . There not picking up on the little stupid crap that everyone keeps talking about . . And if there is stuff in the shows that u feel like there wrong about . . Like not treating the animals right . . Then teach ur child that its not right . . That they should take care of them better . . But more than likely ur child is to young to even understand . . That’s what we are here for . . To teach our children . . They didn’t have tv all the time and children were still able to learn . so freaking teach ur child urself if u think the tv show is terrible . . Or keep letting ur kids watch the disney channels that don’t really teach children anything . . That’s what’s wrong with the world now . . Everyone’s stupid and don’t realize the right way to raise there kid . . Lets be honest the age on what children are doing is getting younger and young . . For god sakes we had 2 12 year olds stab another 12 year old over a show . . Guess maybe that show will be better for ur child . . Grow up people . . For those who don’t realize the good in the baby first tv . . Then good luck cuz I would hate the see what u think is good for ur children . . Cuz I’ve seen just about everything and this and baby einstien is the only things i really let my daughter watch

  77. First, thanks to Kirby for keeping this website up. I mean, he posted this 2 years ago. I have this bookmarked, mainly so I can read these comments from time to time.

    You Kirby haters don’t get it. We’re adults here, which means we have a certain level of cynicism (don’t believe me, well, do you believe that politicians act in the best interest of the public?) Therefore, when we watch things like BabyfirstTV, we see things through that lens. This means that children’s television in general, though hopefully good for the younguns, is sapping the intellect of adults.

    That said, yeah, we keep this channel on, sometimes when the kid is nowhere around. As far as things one can expose their kids to go, it’s the least worse. Therefore, we bear through sadistic Tilly and the moral ambiguity of Musti’s friends, and hope the vocab lessons et al pay off in the end.

    I do want to leave on one thing Kirby has probably avoided- the Dance Time Boys. Look, I like what they do, but it’s got this strange porno-like quality to it. We all know how it’s going to end (dancing,) but they need some kind of plot. This means things like visiting the dentist or a children’s museum where “all the adults are having fun and the little kids are sitting around doing nothing.” For an adult, it’s train-wreck like in the story lines. Yet, we still keep on tuning in.

    Keep on keeping on Kirby!!!

  78. We love vocabularry and hide and seek. We always talk trash about Tilly. She pulls pics from her butt of all her friends. Who carries friend’s pics anyway?? Lol teaches kids to answer the door for anyone. My nephew said the rainbow horse farts rainbows! Also, we find peek-a-boo to be the pervy weirdo….theme song says ‘let’s go through the magic door and peek a boo, just me and you’ so weird!! Harry the bunny sounds like he’s in a drug daze all the time. Yes, the theme songs are always in my head…Mio and mau (or whatever the name) is the catchiest song ever!

  79. The original post was hysterical! I can’t get over all the responses attacking him, even telling him to “kill himself”. Seriously? It’s not that deep people!

    I love Mi Mao and the theme song constantly runs through my head. My son loves Hide and Seek with the squirrels and Harry the Bunny. I cannot STAND everything about Shushybye!! I also wonder why it’s on during the day. What is with the pedophile train conductor guy with the big hat? TEC just lulls me to sleep.

  80. I felt that way when watching both and then asked my 3rd grader grand daughter if I was wrong and she said “they are creepy”.

  81. OhhhhhEmmmmGeeee! Lay off people! This Baby First programming is annoying as hell! I haven’t read any comments on the most annoying program…Sukey’s Circle! That lady creeps me out, but I do understand that this programming is not meant for me. This channel runs in our household a lot because my 17 month old son LOVES it and my husband and I love seeing his little face light up when he sees something he likes. The Tick Tock mice are also creepy and I giggle every time they say Toot, but I loved it when my son started repeating “Tick Tock, Tick Tock”. Tec the Tractor…ugh…most boring, mundane character ever, yet my son loves it so we tolerate it! My husband and I get through this programming by constantly making fun of it! By some of the comments on this page I am almost certain we would be stoned if we blogged everything we found ridiculous on Baby First!

  82. Ha! I’m watching squeak right now with my kiddo. He’s completely mesmerized and I’m over here DYING from these comments!! Baby first has some great shows like ‘color crew’ that has really helped my two year old learn his colors, but some of the shows..Jesus. We’ve got horses farting rainbows, the DIY lady making me want to barf, and Sukey Molloy who is just a plain idiot.. But for some reason my son LOVES it so we put up with it. Not without snickering and making fun of the characters of course though.

  83. I don’t think of any of the shows being perverted . . Those of u who believe it is has a perverted mind . . Everyone blows my mind how much crap u talk about the shows but are still letting ur kids watch it cuz they like it u think its cute . . I think the shows are great . . But if I didn’t I would not let my child watch it no matter how much they liked it . . I’ve never found one of the shows to have anything wrong with them . . I don’t like Tec at all . . But its only because its boring . . I only have one kid and I’m super picky about what I let her watch and who I let around her . . So to hear people talk about these shows being bad bother me because it makes me wonder what there thoughts are on what is a good show for there kids to watch . . The world has changed for the worst and people don’t seem like they think right at all.

  84. Some shows are quite strange. And it seems like TEC is from the 70s. I just watched and episode with my 9 month old and was brothered when TEC knocked over a bunch of oranges at a fair‚ and instead of doing the right thing like picking them up and orpaying for the damages Molly just takes off. Not a lesson worth learning! Otherwise my wife and I love to sing along to these crazy baby shows!!

  85. Loved reading this. Gave my husband and I a good laugh as we have similar feelings about the shows.

  86. I completely agree with this blog. Do ur research about the channel I did, it’s an experiment to see how kids will turn out. The mice are vendictive and scary. Us as adults are strong mentally but these are children. When your kids grow up to be heroin addicts looking to stare into an array of colors because you taught the about this show ur trained them this way and chose that……

    Tec the trailer, I changed the language to spanish shocker many swears and prays to the devil…. Don’t believe me check it out for ur self and get a translator, I had no idea myself until my son screamed like if someone hit him….. I rewind the tv another scream, I accidenly out it in spanish from English and omg…. Wow. Please don’t let ur kids watch this. In English it does sound innocent the translation is something different.

  87. TEC rules, i cant get enough of real animals with human voiceover… my 7 month old prefers peek a boo or vocabularry….

  88. Friendly Jack is horrible because he never talks. Squeak is not bad it’s a good show i pretend i’m in the show. Tec the tractor’s my other favorite show when their talking they don’t open their mouths the narrator’s talking and he doesn’t talk with his eyebrows whoever said that.

  89. Today i watched Tog tizzy and toot it was tog’s birthday today we had a fun day we went out 4:30 pm and came back in 4:50 pm tog tizzy and toot will always be 20 minutes remember both of these messages okay thank you love

  90. You think the little mermaid is better than toot, tog, and tizzy? Why don’t you check out the cover of the little mermaid there are huge dildos drawn into the picture as pilars. I don’t know if disney re-released this yet but the older copies had that.

  91. Galloping Gaskets!!! I can’t believe that some of you are out there hating on Tec. He’s has the best program on the entire channel.

  92. My child has been watching this show since she was like 6 months old . . She has learned so much from it . . When I compare her to other children her age she is way smarter then they are . . I know heroine addicts . . Meth addicts . . Any type of drug addict trust me I’ve seen them . . They run all threw my family . . So I can personally tell you that because my child watches baby first tv does not mean she will turn out to be a drug addict . . Most people who turn out that way its from watching tv . . Its from the way they were raised and who they were around growing up . . The channel is for little children to help them learn and it does a great job . . It may have things that people feel like isn’t right but out of most shows this is close to the top on being better for children . . Now most of u like to just stir crap up . . And maybe some of u are on drugs urself and ur brain is to fried and ur seeing crap and hearing crap that isn’t on the show . . I’ve watched episode after episode and I even bought the DVDs to a lot of the shows and I’ve been watching it for over a year now and I have not seen anything bad on here. .

  93. The blogger here is an idiot. This is a CHILD’S show – and not supposed to entertain and educate adults. I think the show is GREAT! The scenery is gorgeous and peaceful; the show is low key and quiet. The farm appears to be a real farm (whether currently a working one or not is only a guess). The animals are real, and healthy and cared for. The actors don’t speak because they are WELSH. Having a single narrator allows children all over the world enjoy the show in THEIR language without having to endure dubbed over voices that dont match the lip movements; plus is gives the show a “story time” feel. Duh.

    The tractor is ALOT less creepy than many adults I see every day. Stop being so critical.

  94. My 2 cents…
    I didn’t even turn the tv on for my daughter until she was about 16 months or so but Baby First Tv was the only program i found even remotely educational. I definitely have some criticisms on some of their programs…Notekins and Tilly…boring! and my daughter agrees. I admit i was a little surprised to see sheep getting sheared on Tec the tractor but at least they didn’t break out the mint jelly. Its reality, unlike the only program i run to turn off…Sukeys Circle! The topics she covers are fine but she is so uncomfortably awkward to watch. Real people don’t act like that. Sooo overly dramatic and gay(no offense to homosexuals) that id like to see her show removed. It’s like watching an adult go “coochy coochy coo” over and over to an infant! Puke! I don’t want people talking to my daughter like that! That DIY show is incredibly uncreative and a waste of time as well.
    On a lighter note, Mitten the Kitten is awesome! LOL. Just my opinion but more importantly here’s my kids favorites…Harry,Tic Toc, Tec although she just fell in love with Elmo so so much for Baby first!
    While we’re all griping does anyone else go completely mental with the “guaranteed not to leak” sippy cups that leak like volcanos?!? sorry wrong blog!

  95. Just needed to chime in. Shushybye is the worst, along with Sukeys Circle and Baby DIY. There’s lots of other weird stuff on there too. I haaaaaate Clay World – once he was making a swimming pool scene, adding kids and swimming accessories, then this creepy clay adult appeared. Basically looked like a creeper/pedo watching the kids swimming. Harry the Bunny has grown on me, and we love Tec, color Crew, and Hide & Seek. Yes, the shows are for kids but some of them are just such poor quality and deserve to be mocked.

  96. I literally logged onto the internet just now to find someone…ANYONE, who shared my feelings towards this network and i happened upon your article. Let me just say THANK YOU for the constant, almost in tears laughter I endured through the entire read. I feel much better now knowing I am not alone. This was great. Hahaha

  97. We have been watching Baby First and Sprout for a year. I can’t stand any of the shows, but the songs and Tec certainly have my son wrapled around his finger.

    • Well, I have some similar feelings about the shows, but my 10 month old son LOVES most of the shows. However, we always know when one show in particular comes on because he loses interest very quickly… That is TEC. He doesn’t like TEC. I think TEC is ok; however, I just don’t feel like it is a show for babies. It just doesn’t hold his attention. He likes the little cartoon and theme music before it comes on, but that’s it.
      2) Tilly knock knock – She drives me nuts. LOL. She says “And ‘sometimes’, I even play tricks on them”. I always follow that up with, “No Tilly, not sometimes, ALL the time.” LOL Answer the frickin door!
      3) Love the Dance Time Boys. The songs are so catchy.
      4) Mitten the Kitten – My son absolutely LOVES “Head, shoulders, knees and toes” song. Now, anytime he is fussy, we just sing that song and he immediately smiles.
      5) Fred & Fiona – The magical board that is not so magical, but dumb. They ask for a dog, and it shows them a lollipop or something like that. Not too fond of that show.
      6) Find the acorn – Sammy and Eve. I love them! Eve is soo cute with her little pink barrettes. “No, no, no, the acorn isn’t over there”. LOL love it!
      7) VocabuLarry – My only problem with this show, is that Larry is sometimes hard to understand. But I feel sorry for him, he gets out to have fun. Gets scared by some innocent object, and then it’s time to go back home. LOL
      I could go on and on, but, my son loves the channel and it keeps him occupied for us to do other stuff. As long as TEC isn’t on, all is well.

  98. Seriously! You’re a complete and total idiot, I can tell a dumb man wrote this article!
    I mean have you ever thought that the episode is teaching the Tractor about chickens laying eggs so that children understand that chicken lay eggs!
    The Baby Channel teaches children how to share, talk, learn colors, shapes, learn feelings, it’s very educational and obviously if your child is watching it he/she likes it! So get over yourself you mo-ron. Because you sound absolutely stupid with all this crap and I can’t believe this is an actual blog SMH

  99. Seriously, some of these comments left on this post are just redic! Give the man a break, people! He is posting his personal (and I find comical) opinions on these shows. Yes, we all know they are geared towards kids, hence the name BABY FIRST TV! It doesn’t make them any less annoying. Everyone has their own opinion on all matters, so if you do not agree with his, then just move on. Some of you are quick to call him an idiot, say his child is going to be wuss and picked on, and offending his parenting skills, all because he doesn’t like a program his child watches. Let’s ignore your poor parenting skills for putting someone down because their opinion isn’t shared by you. Oh, and telling him to go get a job…You say this why, because he is a man that stays at home with his baby? Would you say that it if it were one of us females posting this blog? Probably not. Grow up, people…

  100. Baby first tv is genius! I love the fact that there is a channel out their that is specifically for babies! Some of these comments are just plain stupid. Why are you trying to make sense of shows that are not for you. I guarantee that non of your children agree lol My son just lights up when I turn on babyfirst!

  101. To the ones that feel this man can not voice his opinion on his blog are the ones that need to find a job! Hes doing nothing more than voicing his opinion. Leave him be. I agree, those rats in the clock and tec are just down right creepy. He waddles around the farm with his mouth open all the time. My 10 month old loves watching this channel and although I do not view it morbid, it does have its disturbing moments, like Tec doing the mindless eye rolling and like those rats shaking their bum on the screen…they remind me of welfare teletubbies. Bring back Moose and Zee!

  102. There is a reason that “Tec” doesn’t know chickens lay eggs just like any of the characters on the channel… it teaches kids problem solving skills and how to come to conclusions on their own instead of just being told… my son is autistic and the teaching methods on this channel are VERY helpful for us, not just my autistic son but my daughter as well, who is not autistic! I understand you get to have your opinion but I just felt like explaining the reason they use the methods they do… also, in Lion King the characters are completely naked, because they’re animals as are the mice in the tick tock clock.

  103. I watch it all day everyday keeps her occupied.. I was irritated at some shows on there but all is well….

  104. I am just concerned that I have been watching Tec for at least 9 months and have yet to see an African American on the show EVER! I don’t let my daughter watch that one. But the show juno baby, the characters all look high with dilated pupils!

  105. I personally like some episodes of Tec The Tractor. Other episodes, I don’t personally care for. I don’t hate them, though.

    One of my favorite episodes is the one where Tec is informed that it’s somebody’s birthday, but no one will tell him whose birthday it is. Tec keeps going around, trying to ask someone to tell him whose birthday it is, but everyone remains quiet about that. Some claim not to remember while others simply avoid telling Tec the secret. Come to find out, it’s Tec’s birthday as well as the young girl’s birthday. I think her name is Katie, if I’m not mistaken. They did a good job keeping the secret from Tec, but I can’t help but feel a little sorry for him while he was desperately trying to get someone to tell him whose birthday it was in that episode.

  106. I do like the channel for different reasons.Most programs are entertaining enough. My lo is 4yrs & is verbally limited w/ the diagnosis of Autism. I don’t mind VocauuLarry it encourages speech and object identification.The crayons & Rainbow horse for colour reinforcement. Yes even Miao & Mao (sp) because we’ll its just funny to watch the little clay cats try to figure out a new critter.

  107. There’s a new show called suzy’s zoo i first thought suzy’s name was sukey like sukey’s circle and i thought witzy the duck was suzy then i kept saying witzy’s zoo a day with suzy it started in aprill at 8:30pm after tec went off i saw it because it was close to the time when we go out of the tic toc house remember this third message okay thank you love Sherman Cox

  108. Bonnie bear suuucks, she does she does.
    Fast music does NOT “work”. That doesn’t even make sense,
    Dance time boys rule all.

  109. Everytime when something happens on Tec, Tec says galloping gaskets and guess what the dance time boys when one of the boys talk in the mega phone it hurts everybody’s ears and I don’t like when they dance but I do like harry the bunny squeak tec shushybye and musti

  110. I love sukey’s circle tec says galloping gaskets squeak shushybye and musti are the best but the dance time boys are bad dancers and they sing bad songs and they talk bad through there megaphone

  111. what a waste of time to be analyzing baby frst channel’s shows. they are not meant for adults and babies cannot say what they think about it. my grandson loves all the shows with exception of Shushybye and Tec (too long and boring). He likes the Dance time boys and dances with them. he is a happy boy and it’s going to be an strong and healthy man. Don’t overprotect your kids, reAl life is sometimes uglier and harder…

  112. Lol have you seen the acid pony that poops rainbows onto the sheet to color it lol my friends baby i watch loves this channel i watch it and im like omg lol my kids were all about the wiggles and clifford the big red dog when they were little. I figure as long as she likes it and it is trying to teach something then no harm. Btw the creepy mice are on atm hahaha

  113. Finally another new show on baby first this show is called abc galaxy it appeared on monday august 3rd two days before my school started again abc galaxy is always talking about letters in the galaxy captain giggs and first mate hub are the two characters the use a letter and name 2 or 3 words that starts with that letter they also have a song we’re traveling throught the galaxy of abc’s now if never seen the show cause i just see tec the tractor and squeak but i have heard the song so don’t be asking me what time it comes on okay love sherman cox

  114. i forgot to remind you all about shushybye baby snoozles dozie and zeez starbright snore and pj and michael north the lead singer is singing good songs like snoozles in my room shushybye and goodnight now’s the time the shushy swing and here’s the song i don’t like it’s the song called in this land that we call shushybye and that’s all i was going to say because it’s time for my nap i’ll keep on making messages love sheman cox

  115. This blog is f*!&#!* HILARIOUS!!! I couldn’t stop laughing at the original post. He’s got a point! Why doesn’t the guy on shush bye wear a costume? Does he really think his face and singing and semi dancing is going to get kids attention? My toddlers watch some of the programs but when TEC comes on I can’t watch that garbage. Or let my boys watch it either. Lighten up people! Don’t take this s*&! So serious. If our babies could talk they would probably say change this crap! Keep up the funny commemts!

  116. On sunday Fred Birty Pip Mule and Jack came to the the tic toc house to have a sleepover theyed played games had a sleepover there’s one thing i should be asking yesterday at night time 8:48pm wrote that Tec comes on i can’t watch this garbage i know what your name is Carlos Carlos never say about Tec again and when you make another message about Tec i’ll tell you to stop that was not nice to say about Tec you should know that now please please please make your boys watch Tec babies are now allowed to watch Tec Carlos never say a bad thing for Tec okay thank you if you do that one more time all start putting in bad words i’m so dissapointed this is my 8th message and i heard you say crap in your message last night thats a bad word never say bad words okay Carlos if you do that again when ever i get back on this blog i’m going to say 100,000 bad words okay thank you you owe and apolligie to Tec if you say something mean i’ll be really really really mean alright thank you love sherman cox

  117. TO ALL THE HATERS ,,,,,,,,
    SHUT UP ! Yes I hate this channel, Yes I want to poke my eyes out if I have to hear one more tick tock anything, and yes its shushi STUPID but it works!
    Instant mood changer ! So—— complain or listen to them cry. The alternative? Babies are so 1 minute ago, after raising 5 of them, this works just fine. Put in ear plugs


    • I agree sir. This chanel is awesome for learning and to help communicate. Everyone that is bashing is forgetting its a baby chanel not ment to be for grown ups entertainment. I think it’s alot better the Barney personally but I’m not going to call it names. It amazes me that these kids can’t explore or learn without parent being brats themselves. Smh

  119. This site is hilarious! I, too, have been bombarded by BabyTV for almost two years no. My son LOVES Tec the Tractor, as well as those creepy little mice, so it’s okay with me if he watches it. Tillie Knock-Knock is an asshole, though.

    • it’s a kids show. get over it you idiots. Like the shows all of us watched as kids were any better. like pee wee herman and shit. shut up

  120. Lol!!!!! This article gave me a good laugh because I understand your point of view since I watch this Channel with my baby often. Yes it has boring shows for adults but not harmful for babies. Either way I enjoyed a good laugh.

  121. To me tec is always trying to solve a simple problem. He goes about it in the most complicated ways but it keeps the kids at bay. It’d make more sense as a childrens book. But thats just me. its a stupid show to adults but it was made for kids not adults.

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